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Latin American Studies

Prospective Students

Prospective Students

What is Latin American Studies

Latin American studies covers numerous disciplines such as history, politics, art, geography, gender studies, and sociology, and uses them to critically examine and analyze the experiences of Latin Americans in Latin America and elsewhere.

Why Study Latin American Studies?

You might like this program if:

  • you’re interested in gaining further understanding of Latin America and the many rich histories and cultures that it encompasses;
  • you want to take part in exciting study abroad opportunities to places such as Santiago, Dominican Republic, and Sao Paulo, Brazil;
  • you’re looking for an interdisciplinary area of study that can lead you toward multiple paths; and/or
  • you want to be involved with a dynamic and diverse community of faculty and students through enriching courses and opportunities.

Potential Careers

The major and minor in Latin-American Studies are designed to be combined with other majors and minors to create a multidisciplinary degree that will enrich your educational experience at Penn State and be appealing to potential graduate programs and employers. 

  • Law
  • Business
  • National Security Agency
  • State Department
  • Historic Preservation
  • United Nations Organizations/ Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Medicine
  • Secondary Education Teaching