Latin American Studies



Mark Anner

Workers' Rights, Global Supply Chains, Corporate Social Responsibility

Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra

Modern Latin American literature

Tom Beebee

Literatures of the Americas

Krista Brune

Brazilian Literature, Film, Culture

José M. Capriles

Precolumbian Latin American archaeology

Colleen Connolly-Ahern

International Political Advertising and Health Communications

Julia Cuervo-Hewitt

Afro-Caribbean and Spanish Caribbean Literature and Culture

Martha Few

Colonial Latin American History

Kirk D. French

Anthropological Films in Mesoamerica

Larry Gorenflo

Mexican Archaeology, Biodiversity Conservation

Sean X. Goudie

Caribbean-US Cultural Relations

Christopher Heaney

Latin American History

Ken Hirth

Precolumbian Latin American Archaeology

John D. Holst

Latin American Adult Education

Carter A. Hunt

Latin American Art History

John Lipski

Spanish and Portuguese Dialectology and Language Variation

Katherine Maich

Latin American informal workers

Guadalupe Martí-Peña

Spanish American Contemporary Narrative and Culture

Sophia A. McClennen

Culture of Latin America

Eduardo Mendieta

Philosophy and Latina/o Studies

Karen Miller

Language acquisition in English and Spanish-Speaking Children

Verónica Montecinos

Latin American Gender, Politics and Sociology of Economics

Henry James Morello

Literatures and Cultures of the Americas and Spain

Zachary Morgan

Modern & Afro-Latin America

John Ochoa

Mexican Literature and Intellectual History

Simone Osthoff

Critical Studies, Sustainability and Social action

Manuel Ostos

Latin American Library Collections

Juliet Pinto

Environmental Communication and Media

Matthew Restall

Colonial Latin American History

Manuel Rosaldo

Sociology Work/ Worker Movements

Judith Sierra-Rivera

Intellectual Thought, Emotions, and Body Politics

Amara Solari

Latin American Art History

Richard Stoller

Modern Colombian History

Rebecca Tarlau

Latin American social movements 

Sarah J. Townsend

Theater and Performance, Old and New Media

Melissa W. Wright

Mexico-US borderlands, social justice movements

Karl Zimmerer

Agrobiodiversity, Sustainability and Resilience of Food Systems