Latin American Studies

Kirk D. French

Kirk D. French
Associate Teaching Professor of Anthropology


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (Anthropology), 2009
M.A., University of Cincinnati (Anthropology), 2002
B.A., Texas State University (Anthropology), 1998


I am a broadly trained anthropological archaeologist whose primary interest is utilizing remotely sensed data to analyze the multiscalar relationships of landuse and climate as related to water availability of both prehistoric and historic sites.

The overarching theme of my research is to develop a better understanding of the interplay between humans and their environments, both in the past and present. The goal of my projects are to provide views of what landscape alteration can and has done to the environment through archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork and documentary film.

Mexico (Chiapas and the Basin of Mexico), Guatemala, Belize, Mongolia, Denmark, Scotland, Arctic Canada (Nunavik), Texas, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH001)(lecture and web)
  • Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH002)
  • Introduction to North American Archaeology (ANTH011)(web)
  • North American Indians (ANTH146)(web)
  • Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH428)
  • Anthropology of Alcohol (ANTH140)
  • Ancient Brews (Special Topics)


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2016 French, K.D. and Duffy, C.
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2016 Gonlin, N. and French, K.D. (editors)
Human Adaptation in Ancient Mesoamerica. Published by University of Colorado Press, Boulder, Colorado.

2014 French, K.D. and Duffy, C.
Understanding Ancient Maya Water Resources and the Implications for a More Sustainable Future. Invited article for WIREs Water.

2013 French, K.D., Duffy, C., Bhatt, G.
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Kirk French