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Tim M. Murtha

Tim M. Murtha

Director of the Hamer Center, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture


  1. PhD, Anthropology, Penn State University, 2002
  2. MA, Anthropology, Penn State University, 1997
  3. BA, Anthropology, University of Central Florida, 1994


Tim Murtha’s research looks at a place’s history, cultural traditions, and environment through the lens of its landscape. His goal: “understanding long-term environmental change as influenced by human decision-making.”

Research Interests:

  • Cultural Ecology
  • Settlement Ecology
  • Anthropological Archaeology
  • Landscape Anthropology/Archaeology
  • Agricultural Intensification - Niche Inheritance
  • GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis
  • Mesoamerica
  • Orkney/Northern Scotland
  • Eastern North America
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